An advisory panel to the FDA has recommended Johnson & Johnson's experimental nasal spray, which has a compound similar to often-abused ketamine, for patients suffering from depression.


A new compound may offer an oral treatment for depression that is just as rapid and effective as IV-administered ketamine but without unwanted side effects.

Prenatal maternal depression appears to affect the brain development of the fetus, according to a study published in the December Biological Psychiatry.


What do clinicians need to know about treating perinatal depression and anxiety?

bipolar disorder brain

Bipolar disorder is fraught with diagnostic difficulties. More than 1 in 3 times, patients with bipolar disorder leave the psychiatrist’s office with an incorrect diagnosis, and the resulting delay in proper treatment can sometimes lead to disastrous consequences.


Psychiatrists discuss the ongoing challenge of treatment-resistant depression and whether augmentation with L-methylfolate is an effective strategy.