An advisory panel to the FDA has recommended Johnson & Johnson's experimental nasal spray, which has a compound similar to often-abused ketamine, for patients suffering from depression.


ORLANDO, Fla.—The opening session of the 31st annual Psych Congress gave attendees a detailed view of the ways in which psychedelic compounds such as psilocybin and LSD affect the brain and how they could be used in psychiatric practice.

ORLANDO, Fla.—Two descriptions of depression presented at the Psych Congress 2018 preconference appeared to have little in common. But they were actually the same tale, told from vastly different points of view.

New guidelines from the European Psychiatric Association promote exercise as a core part of treatment for severe mental illnesses, including major depressive disorder and schizophrenia.

Women who have asthma during their pregnancies are more likely to experience postpartum depression after delivery, a large Canadian study suggests.

People with depression or bipolar disorder were found to have a larger hypothalamus, compared with healthy control subjects, in a study published in Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavia.



As members of the mental health field, we can be of great assistance when contacted by someone in leadership that a physician in their midst i.e. one of their own, has died by suicide.

The biblical proverb ‘Physician, heal thyself’ is interpreted literally by some psychiatrists who reach for pharmaceutical samples if they find themselves slipping into a depression.

My postpartum depression and anxiety went undiagnosed for six months, despite my protests to my doctor.



Maëlys Touya, MSc, PharmD; Françoise Diamand, MSc; Delphine Saragoussi, MD, MScPH; Clément François, PhD; Christophe Lançon, MD, PhD
Andrei Pikalov, MD, PhD; Joyce Tsai, PhD; Yongcai Mao, PhD; Michael Tocco, PhD; Antony Loebel, MD