Major Depressive Disorder

A new cohort study confirmed a previously reported association between treatment with antidepressants and hip fracture in older adults, but it contained a twist.


People with major depressive disorder may be biologically older than their chronologic age, a study published in The American Journal of Psychiatry suggests.

Women who have asthma during their pregnancies are more likely to experience postpartum depression after delivery, a large Canadian study suggests.

Eating a healthy diet, particularly a traditional Mediterranean diet, may help protect against depression, according to a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Did you know?

A recently published study involving 916 patients found which clinical factor to be the most prominent predictor of treatment-resistant depression?

MRI-based predictive tools could inform therapeutic decision making, potentially preventing functional impairment in patients at high clinical risk of psychosis and those with recent-onset depression, researchers say.



It is estimated that 300 to 400 physicians die by suicide each year in the United States. All too often the diverse individuals who knew the physician in varying ways are never interviewed after the doctor’s death or they are silenced by the shroud of darkness and stigma that characterizes suicide.

Losing a patient to suicide is ranked as one of the most difficult professional experiences.

My postpartum depression and anxiety went undiagnosed for six months, despite my protests to my doctor.



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Charles Raison, MD, talks with John Mann, MD, about the current state of knowledge on suicide risk factors. To view a transcript of their conversation, click here.