Major Depressive Disorder

A new cohort study confirmed a previously reported association between treatment with antidepressants and hip fracture in older adults, but it contained a twist.


Rakesh Jain, MD, MPH

Are medications for tardive dyskinesia effective in mild, moderate, or severe cases? Get the answer from Psych Congress cochair Rakesh Jain, MD, MPH.

More than half of people aged 50 or older who have depression may also have arthritis, exceeding the rate of arthritis in people without depression, according to a study published online in the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry.

People who exercise may experience symptoms of mental health disorders less often, a U.S. study suggests. That may be true even when the exercise involves doing household chores, researchers found.

Did you know?

A systematic review of 10 studies found that people with depression and which comorbid condition experienced little to no relief from depression symptoms when taking antidepressants?

A 60-hour infusion of brexanolone significantly improves symptoms in women with postpartum depression, according to results from two phase 3 trials.



Do you use metaphors to explain how various medications work to your patients?

In a recent blog post, the National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH) announced that it will no longer fund clinical trials that don’t simultaneously examine the biological mechanisms underlying the disorder the treatment is designed to address.

Although explanations such as “zinc causes depression” are satisfyingly simple, my work as a researcher has made me more and more convinced that we have come to the limit of what this type of “disease-based perspective” can do in terms of unravelling the mysteries of major depressive disorder or in discovering new treatments.



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