Major Depressive Disorder

A new cohort study confirmed a previously reported association between treatment with antidepressants and hip fracture in older adults, but it contained a twist.


The year's most-read stories include ketamine as a maintenance treatment for anxiety and the most effective atypicals in bipolar depression.

The year's most-read depression-related topics: The effects of cannabis, a possible breakthrough drug, and a new generation of treatment approaches.

Michael Thase, MD

Since Michael Thase, MD, became a psychiatrist in 1983, the landscape of depression treatments and approaches has changed dramatically.

Adults age 50 and older with vitamin D deficiency have a 75% increased risk of developing depression over the next 4 years, a longitudinal study suggests.

High-dose antipsychotic use in children and young adults without psychosis is associated with an increased risk of unexpected death, according to a study published online in JAMA Psychiatry.



BLOG: These studies were the latest findings showing that psychedelics, erroneously dismissed as mere intoxicants and swept up in the hysteria of the Nixon-era drug wars, could prove to be as important to psychiatry as penicillin was to infectious disease.

I’m in London interviewing loved ones of doctors who have ended their lives by suicide.

We need to get the message out that for every death by suicide there is a cohort of bereaved family members who themselves become ill and suicidal. They require — and deserve — our best diagnostic and treatment efforts.



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J. John Mann, MD and Charles Raison, MD discuss whether suicide is a result of genetics or an individual’s environment.

J. John Mann, MD, of Columbia University, and Charles Raison, MD, Psych Congress Steering Committee member, discuss which questions clinicians should ask to best evaluate suicide risk.

Drs. Raison and Patrick

Psych Congress cochair Charles Raison, MD, recently discussed his research and perspectives in an extensive interview with Rhonda Perciavalle Patrick, PhD, who runs the FoundMyFitness website.



Listen to Charles Raison, MD, discuss his JAMA Psychiatry study examining the relationship between inflammation and depression.