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In-Depth Scoring Sample Playlists

Take a closer look at the differences between each score. Clips are shown on loop for a longer duration so you can study all aspects of the patient’s movements. Scoring samples shown were determined by Drs. Jain and Kumar while conducting AIMS exam with patients shown.

Facial and Oral Movements

Rate only increases in movement both in and out of mouth. NOT inability to sustain movement. Darting in and out of mouth.
e.g. biting, clenching, chewing, mouth opening, lateral movement More Videos
e.g., puckering, pouting, smacking More Videos
e.g. movements of forehead, eyebrows, periorbital area, cheeks, including frowning, blinking, smiling, grimacing

Extremity Movements

eg. lateral knee movements, foot tapping, heel dropping, foot squirming, inversion and eversion of foot
Upper Extremity Movements include choreic movements (ie, rapid, objectively purposeless, irregular, spontaneous); athetoid movements (ie slow, irregular, complex, serpentine). DO NOT include tremor (ie, repetitive, regular, rhythmic)

Trunk Movements

e.g. rocking, twisting, squirming, pelvic gyrations More Videos
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