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General Psychiatry

With the exception of anorexia nervosa, people across a slate of psychiatric disorders tend to choose smaller, immediate rewards instead of larger, delayed rewards—a type of impulsive decision-making deemed “delay discounting.”
Healthy college students and other young adults who take prescription stimulants simply for a brain boost may be doing themselves a disservice, according to a new study that found nonprescribed stimulants barely improved short-term focus and markedly worsened working memory and sleep.
BLOG: I recently had a chance to speak to State University of New York (SUNY) Downstate’s incoming residents and fellows about well-being and self-care.
An 18-year gap in life expectancy exists between people with mental illness and the general population, according to a paper published online in Lancet Psychiatry.
Today, some patients are as apt to arrive in the clinic with genetic test results from 23andMe or a pharmacogenomic testing company as they are a symptom list.
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