General Psychiatry

Telemedicine visits have increased sharply in the US in recent years, with mental health visits one of the most common types. It's growing most rapidly in areas with a shortage of mental health specialists.


Although suicide occurs twice as often as homicide in the United States, the public believes the opposite, according to a study on gun violence and leading causes of death published online in Annals of Internal Medicine.

Changes in communication levels within a subnetwork between the amygdala and hippocampus predict changes in mood, researchers report, based on a study in humans.

NEW YORK—A study from Colorado suggests that many young children are being exposed secondhand to marijuana smoke in the home and more research is needed to understand the potential harms, the study teams says.

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Even though there are still a lot of unknowns about the effects of marijuana exposure in the womb and from breast milk, research to date still suggests that pregnant and nursing women avoid cannabis, U.S. doctors recommend.



BLOG: It’s been 6 months since our friend and colleague Eric C. Arauz, MLER, passed away. His death was a blunt reminder to me that if we are going to care about and be attached to others, we will have to experience the grief of losing them.

BLOG: Hiking 250 miles in 25 days on the famed John Muir Trail in California’s Sierra Nevada this summer, I developed a deep intimacy with gravity.

BLOG: Over the last few weeks, despite so much turmoil and unsettling polarization in our country and around the world, I’ve been struck by the number of times the word “kindness” has brightened my encounters with others.



Tara Girard, RN, BSN; Christina Klawitter, PhD; Rachel A. Bergstrom, PhD; Sylvia Lopez, PhD; Jennifer Santos Esperanza, PhD; Rongal Nikora, PhD; Charles Raison, MD; Rakesh Jain, MD, MPH; Saundra Jain, MA, PsyD, LPC
Kellen Stilwell, BS; Leslie Pelkey, MD; Thomas Platt, MD; Katie Nguyen, BS; Angela Pinheiro, MD; Scott Monteith, MD; Eric Achtyes, MD



J. John Mann, MD, of Columbia University, and Charles Raison, MD, Psych Congress Steering Committee member, discuss which questions clinicians should ask to best evaluate suicide risk.

Steven Chan, MD, MBA, discusses steps clinicians can take to get started with digital tools, potential pitfalls, and how to evaluate mobile apps for patients.

Steven Chan, MD, MBA, weighs in on how he expects technology to change psychiatry in the next 5 years.