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A recent study found that people who had a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) had a higher risk of experiencing which mental health disorder(s) within the next 6 months? Get the answer here.


Sexual harassment and sexual abuse occur frequently and can harm physical and mental health, according to two studies from the U.S. and Europe published October 3 in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Adults who have been hospitalized for psychiatric problems may be less likely to be readmitted when they get support from other patients who went through similar experiences, a UK study suggests.

GW Pharmaceuticals' marijuana-based treatment Epidiolex has cleared the last hurdle, after the Drug Enforcement Administration labeled the drug as having a low abuse potential.

Compared to teens whose gender expression matches societal expectations, gender nonconforming adolescents may be more likely to experience mental health problems, a U.S. study suggests.

People who exercise may experience symptoms of mental health disorders less often, a U.S. study suggests. That may be true even when the exercise involves doing household chores, researchers found.



BLOG: Our job is never done when we lose a patient to suicide. There are lots of hurting people in its wake and there is much we can, and must, do to ease the journey.

BLOG: The overlap of self-centeredness and lack of empathy can prevent easy differentiation between narcissistic personality disorder and autism spectrum disorder, especially at the milder end of the spectrum.

BLOG: When our patients stumble and berate themselves for their failures, could we give them the space not to be perfect, but rather, to endure their stumbles as opportunities for grace and humility?



David Crumpacker, MD; Jonathan Fellus, MD; Daniel Kantor, MD; Benjamin Rix Brooks, MD; Randall Kaye, MD



David Scheiderer, MBA, MD, Director of Education at Integrative Psychiatry in Sarasota, Florida, offers highlights from his symposium at the American Psychiatric Association Meeting.

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