General Psychiatry

While advocates of marijuana and cannabinoids promote its use for conditions ranging from nausea to cancer, the paucity of high-quality evidence demands caution regarding the use of these agents, according to 6 brief commentaries from physicians and other providers across the US.


Parenting styles and a parent's mental health problems, particularly depression, play a role in a child's ability to keep friends in elementary school, suggests a recent study in Finland.

U.S. health regulators on Wednesday declined to approve Evolus Inc's rival product to Allergan Plc's Botox, citing certain deficiencies related to its potential treatment for frown lines.

NEW YORK—Pediatricians need to be aware of "13 Reasons Why," a popular Netflix series about a teen girl's suicide, and recommend that their vulnerable patients steer clear of the show, according to a new report.

NEW YORK CITY—Public acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community has increased dramatically, but its members are still at increased risk for mental health challenges, panel members said at the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting here.

NEW YORK CITY—Physician well-being, burnout, and innovation through technology will be prominent themes at this year’s annual American Psychiatric Association (APA) meeting, being held here May 5-9.



Given the high rates of burnout in doctors in this country—and recent research that shows the rates are actually increasing—a telephone call from a colleague in distress is not uncommon.

Approximately 750 of our fellow physicians, nurses, psychotherapists take their own lives each year, making it imperative that we begin to explore and understand the despair within our ranks.

In our world of ever-expanding pharmacologic options, we continue to see patients whose treatment may be compromised by non-adherence to our prescribed medication regimens.



Charles Raison, MD, talks with John Mann, MD, about the current state of knowledge on suicide risk factors. To view a transcript of their conversation, click here.