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A recent study found that people who had a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) had a higher risk of experiencing which mental health disorder(s) within the next 6 months? Get the answer here.


While advocates of marijuana and cannabinoids promote its use for conditions ranging from nausea to cancer, the paucity of high-quality evidence demands caution regarding the use of these agents, according to 6 brief commentaries from physicians and other providers across the US.

A six-item scale can quickly help doctors measure the severity of grief in caregivers of persons with dementia, researchers from Singapore report.

One third of U.S. adults say they sleep less than six hours a night, which is 15 percent more than were getting too little sleep 15 years ago, researchers say.

The Food and Drug Administration said on Thursday it will consider creating new policy regarding the marketing and sale of cannabis after President Donald Trump signed the Farm Bill, which legalized commercial production of hemp in the United States.

Teens and young adults who visit emergency departments for injuries or physical illnesses may be more likely to harm themselves afterward, a U.S. study suggests.



BLOG: Although the figures are old, data showing that women physicians die by suicide at rates 2.27 times that of women in general are very puzzling—and disturbing.

BLOG: Since this is my first blog post for Psych Congress Network, let me tell you a little bit about my journey. I am a mid-career certified nurse-midwife who along the way developed a burning interest in mental health and neuroscience.

BLOG: Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water left me chewing on its deep psychological themes of archetypal shadow, paranoia, finding ourselves reflected in another, and the redemptive power of love.



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Steven Chan, MD, MBA, weighs in on how he expects technology to change psychiatry in the next 5 years.

Steven Chan, MD, MBA, explains the Clinical Informatics medical subspecialty. Dr. Chan is the inaugural Clinical Informatics Fellow at the University of California San Francisco.

Steven Chan, MD, MBA, discusses the demand for digital tools among psychiatry patients and the types of digital tools which draw the most interest from patients.