General Psychiatry

A recent study found that people who had a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) had a higher risk of experiencing which mental health disorder(s) within the next 6 months? Get the answer here.


“Scientists are proving what we have always suspected regarding exercise - the benefits are a multitude,” said Dr. Fergus Shanahan from University College Cork, National University of Ireland, in Ireland.

Research has shown high associations between various psychiatric disorders and immune-mediated inflammatory diseases, Psych Congress co-chair Dr. Rakesh Jain said at the Interdisciplinary Autoimmune Summit.

The Georgia state Senate on Thursday overwhelmingly passed a bill that would expand the state's limited medical marijuana law to include people with 15 medical conditions, up from nine currently.

Using hair to measure long-term levels of cortisol, UK researchers have confirmed the link between chronic stress and weight gain, as well as difficulty shedding excess weight.

Charles Raison at IAS

"We are in the midst of this not-fully-recognized epidemic of immune dysregulation,” Psych Congress co-chair Charles L. Raison, MD, said at the Interdisciplinary Autoimmune Summit in New York City.




“Please comment further on the concept of the wandering mind being an unhappy mind.”


“Please comment further on the idea of doing therapy in the forest.”


"Should we be measuring cortisol levels in our patients? What are your thoughts about the concept of adrenal fatigue?"