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Medical Services

New research involving Massachusetts patients receiving buprenorphine for opioid use disorder shows increased overdose risk but greater treatment engagement with concurrent use of a benzodiazepine.
A newly published Millennium Health report suggests that worrisome methamphetamine trends need to be on the entire field's radar.
Auburn University has unified a number of initiatives around combating the opioid crisis in its hard-hit home state.
A cohort study has reported that a group receiving the longest duration of buprenorphine treatment had fewer hospitalizations and filled opioid prescriptions post-treatment.
Physicians and other providers in Massachusetts have access to telephone consultation to assist with complex questions around pain and substance use disorders.
Click here and listen to Dr. Patricia Essilfie, a physician at St. John’s Well Child, as she describes how the once limited resources and treatment plans for smokers at St. John’s, were transformed…
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