Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders

People with obsessive-compulsive disorder, especially those diagnosed before age 18, are less likely to pass compulsory school tests or go on to higher education, compared with peers who don’t have the disorder, a large study found.


The drug modafinil—typically used for narcolepsy, shift-work disorder, and excessive daytime sleepiness—significantly reduced impulsiveness in a group of normal-weight men, according to a study published in Personality and Individual Differences.

Routine implementation of validated screening instruments such as the Body Dysmorphic Disorder Questionnaire (BDDQ) prior to cosmetic surgery "may improve patient care," researchers suggest.

“The use of dTMS coils allows direct stimulation of deeper neuronal pathways relative to those affected by conventional TMS coils,” researchers behind a new study presented at Psych Congress wrote.

By Lisa Rapaport

Obsessive-compulsive disorder that surfaces during adolescence or early adulthood may actually have origins in the circumstances surrounding pregnancy and infancy, a Swedish study suggests.

Previous studies on OCD and suicide risk have been small and flawed, and the risk of suicide in people with OCD is largely unknown, the authors wrote.