Personality Disorders

In this video, Mark Zimmerman, MD, discusses why borderline personality disorder (BPD) is under-recognized, comorbid conditions in BPD, when patients should be screened for BPD, and tools for screening for BPD.


A team of German researchers manipulated perceived levels of loneliness in a sample of 60 healthy participants, and measured the changes in their state of paranoia.

When viewing biological motion, people with schizotypal personality disorder (SPD) display heightened activation in the neural circuitry involved in reward and decision making, researchers have observed.

In this longitudinal study, researchers assessed whether whether a certain level of maltreatment is necessary to trigger antisocial behavior in individuals with a genetic polymorphism.

Terence Ketter, MD, shares how he approaches personality disorders from dimensional and categorical standpoints, with a focus on differentiating borderline personality disorder from bipolar disorder.

Data suggest there is little evidence concerning the effectiveness of any medication or medication class in patients with borderline personality disorder.