Psych Congress Year-Round

Psych Congress Steering Committee members discuss their favorite sessions and aspects of the 31st annual conference, held in Orlando, Fla. Oct. 25-28, 2018.


Saundra Jain

Data analysis is under way for another cohort and will be presented at the U.S. Psychiatric & Mental Health Congress in October.

Immune depression slide

Infectious and noninfectious dangers such as stress activate peripheral inflammation, which can induce changes in the brain associated with depression, Charles L. Raison, MD, told attendees at the Psych Congress 1-Day Regional Meeting in Milwaukee.

In this series, Psych Congress Steering Committee member Vladimir Maletic, MD, MS, describes changes he has made in his clinical practice in the past year in response to new research.

Rakesh Jain, MD, MPH

Rakesh Jain, MD, MPH wants mental health professionals to rethink fibromyalgia. Though the disease has historically been characterized only as a pain disorder—and its treatment has focused on relieving only pain symptoms, resulting in mixed outcome results—Dr. Jain says that recent research has shown fibromyalgia to be a “true biopyschosocial disorder,” and that psychiatric disorders such as depression, anxiety and sleep problems are often precursors for the disease.