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The technique to reinforce positive behaviors through the use of a reward system has shown promise for improving patient engagement in treatment, according to Haley Horton and Michael White, MCJ, of Community Medical Services.
At NCAD, Judith Stonger, MA, CPS, and Shayn Ember, PhD, from the Wheeler Clinic Connecticut Center for Prevention, Wellness, and Recovery will discuss efforts to establish and maintain a successful youth and young adult recovery support network.
Five years after the concept was developed, Conquer Addiction, an online resource that will list providers who publish their post-treatment outcomes data, is set for a June 30 launch.
A study at Mansfield University in Pennsylvania showed a link between rock climbing sessions, increased positive feelings and decreased negative feelings for participants in recovery.
Stay-at-home and social-distancing orders have changed how PRSS programs are supporting participants during their most vulnerable moments.
Listen in as Rocky Hill, Director of Hill Alcohol and Drug Treatment, addresses the dramatic increase in opiate addiction among young people, the toll it is taking on our society, the top three…
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