Schizophrenia & Psychotic Disorders

When assessing the value of a reward, people with schizophrenia have difficulty integrating information about the size of the reward and the probability of receiving it, according to a published study.


SAN FRANCISCO—Elevated plasma levels of the inflammatory marker C-reactive protein (CRP) were associated with increased risk of late- or very late-onset schizophrenia in a prospective study recently conducted in Denmark.

SAN FRANCISCO—Treatment with the once-monthly injectable form of aripiprazole significantly reduced rates of hospitalization in patients with schizophrenia, according to the preliminary results of a multi-center, mirror-image study presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association (APA).

schizophrenia nose biopsy

Schizophrenia may be detected by a biopsy of tissue from the nose, according to a pilot study published in Neurobiology of Disease.

Trauma and psychosis

Children who experience trauma are more likely to have psychotic experiences, according to research published in the April 19 American Journal of Psychiatry.

schizophrenia glutamate

Schizophrenia may be triggered by excess amounts of glutamate in the brain, according to a study published in the April 10 Neuron.