Substance Abuse, Addiction & Deterrence

Mandatory opioid tapers could sometimes do more harm than good, international medical experts warn in an open letter to health authorities.


A study examines the effects of venlafaxine extended-release on depressed patients who are dependent on cannabis.

OxyContin abuse

The FDA announced that it will not approve generic versions of the original OxyContin, a painkilling drug that was often abused.

alcohol dependence

The new drug nalmefene may help to reduce alcohol consumption in alcohol dependent patients who are not yet ready to completely abstain, researchers reported in the April Biological Psychiatry.


Varenicline combined with intensive counseling is more likely to help people quit smoking in the long term than buproprion and counseling, according to a randomized clinical trial.

Check mark

The FDA Psychopharmacologic Drugs Advisory Committee voted 10 to 4 to recommend approval of Probuphine® for treatment of opioid dependence in adult patients, according to an announcement by Titan Pharmaceuticals, Inc.