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Prescription Drug Abuse

Medical Services
A Canadian company has acquired the drug development program for a derivative of ibogaine, a potential treatment for opioid addiction.
Addiction Professional
Baltimore County, Md., is increasing public awareness of the opioid crisis by displaying signs depicting total and fatal overdoses.
Kentucky served as a somewhat unlikely model in a National Governors Association initiative to stimulate innovative responses to the infectious disease effects of the opioid crisis.
Evidence-Based Practices
New York City health officials have launched a media campaign on fentanyl that embraces the harm reduction mindset that characterizes the city's broader efforts.
Clinical Challenges
Fatal overdose data from Massachusetts suggest that polysubstance use is now commonplace among opioid users, and factors such as homelessness are linked to use of opioids and stimulants.
Preliminary data in a newly released report from the Maryland Opioid Operational Command Center suggest that the onerous impacts of the opioid overdose crisis may be leveling off.
Austin Eubanks, an injured survivor of the Columbine High School mass shooting and nationally known addiction recovery advocate, was found dead in his Colorado home on Saturday, a county corner confirmed to local media.
Medication Treatments
The first-place award in the National Institute on Drug Abuse's Addiction Science Awards has gone to a high school freshman's protein matrix-based technology to prevent misuse of opioids.
Physician Issues
Brain implant technology that has shown promise for a number of neurological disorders will be tested as a possible treatment for opioid addiction.
Pain Management
A study based on surveys of schoolchildren in Iceland found that youths who were bullied were twice as likely to use pain medication as their non-bullied peers.
Medication Treatments
New research suggests the potential for vaccine development against the highly dangerous opioid.
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