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August 05, 2019
This blog has been focused on treating addiction as a chronic disorder and the elimination of stigma—in particular, the stigma that we create. A recent conversation emphasizes that we have a way to go. The Sober World is a nicely done monthly magazine often seen at at Starbucks locations in South…
July 10, 2019
Enrollment in therapy continues to be a major roadblock for addiction care. Interventions and self-enrollment are still viable and critical ways of entering treatment, but statistically speaking, treatment is only as effective as the policies in place to promote it. Public policy and public…
February 13, 2012
Dr. Leslie Ahlers, Medical Director at River Ridge Treatment Center writes: As a family physician and pain management specialist, I am fascinated by the effect of trauma on health and wellness, and how often it is connected to symptoms of chronic pain, mental illness, and addictions.
December 29, 2009
By now, many of you are probably thinking, “What exactly is Harvey on about? It sounds like he’s grumbling about outsourcing gone wrong. How bad
September 02, 2008
It wasn't difficult to select a highlight from among the presentations at the just-concluded annual conference of NAADAC, The Association for
May 05, 2008
Groups that are traditionally identified with mental health are certainly aiming to give addiction topics their due attention in the discussion of
April 04, 2008
In interviewing an anti-drug coalition leader in Florida today, I was struck again by how various segments of society and this field perceive
March 28, 2008
Federal anti-drug messages targeting youths and parents are focusing on a danger that hits close to home: the family medicine chest.
March 11, 2008
Addiction field professionals consistently emphasize the need for drug and alcohol prevention messages to be age-specific.
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