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From NCAD East

Kristina Padilla, MA, of the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals shared best practices for leaders to build trust and facilitate healthy communication within their teams on Saturday at NCAD East.
A panel at NCAD East explored how mobile apps, artificial intelligence and other advances in technology may change the addiction treatment landscape.
Since making history as the first blind person to graduate from a U.S. medical school, David W. Hartman, MD, has expanded access to medication-assisted treatment in myriad ways and educated the next generation of practitioners.
An NCAD East panel suggested that the addiction treatment community may be turning the corner on outcome evaluation that has historically stymied the field's progress.
WBAL-TV was on site in Baltimore to cover the opening day of the National Conference on Addiction Disorders East.
Thursday's breakout sessions at NCAD East included a workshop on the dilemmas that can arise when former patients return to a facility as employees.
Prominent researcher Kenneth Blum told an NCAD East audience why genetic findings in addiction could lead to better treatment strategies than what is now on the table.
In an opening keynote at NCAD East on Thursday, journalist Elizabeth Vargas explained how a lifelong battle with anxiety fueled her addiction to alcohol as an adult—and how she has found a new lease on life in recovery.
Gateway Foundation's Project Warm Handoff is creating continuing-care opportunities for hospital patients with opioid use problems.
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