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Data Analytics

June 25, 2020
A new site is launching next month with the aim of bringing more uniformity to the measurement of addiction treatment and helping patients find care with standardized information on the quality of facilities.
July 18, 2019
I recently purchased a new computer, and at the end of the process I was given a document and an ingratiating speech asking me to provide an excellent rating (“perfect 10 experience”) on the satisfaction survey that would soon be arriving via email. This was not my first experience with this, and…
July 08, 2019
Joanna Conti, BS, MS, considers her family “extremely fortunate” to have found programs that treated her daughter for an alcohol addiction despite having little data to go on when choosing a provider. In her work now as the CEO of Vista Research Group, a firm she founded in 2015, she hopes to map…
May 08, 2018
An emerging class of smartphone treatment apps claims to help reduce relapse rates and improve recovery, but evidence of their costs and benefits is not always easy to come by.
March 23, 2018
A new technology working group has proposed creating a national PDMP with a facilitator model that would be added to the current electronic prescription workflow.
February 07, 2018
Telehealth can enable patients to get the care that they might otherwise skip. Particularly relevant in addiction treatment is the convenience factor for those who otherwise would travel long distances to see a provider.
July 06, 2017
Providers like the convenience of messaging colleagues and patients, not realizing that they could be violating HIPAA regulations by sending protected health information. It’s a fairly common problem.
April 13, 2017
We asked a number of technology leaders for suggestions on what treatment center executives should prepare for in the future. Here are a few of their tips.
November 22, 2016
In an industry historically reliant on broad treatment options and anecdotal outcomes, data is the key to the future of mental healthcare and already is opening new doors for our industry.
November 04, 2016
Many providers have had a couple rounds of behavioral health reimbursement denials in the last year, which leaves the clinician and organization at risk.
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