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Mental Health and Wellness Apps

Apps for mental health

I hope you’ve found the Mental Health and Wellness Apps a useful resource. As you know, there are many apps available to us as clinicians, but let’s not forget the burgeoning number of apps for patients—exercise, nutrition, fitness, meditation, mood logs, daily activity logs, thought trackers, sleep hygiene, and the list goes on. Many of these apps allow for transmission of information between patients and clinicians via email. 

These tools increase a patient’s awareness of their current difficulties and engage them as an active member of their treatment. Apps seem to, in many cases, elevate patients to the status of “engaged participant,” which we know improves overall adherence. 

This section of Saundra's Corner offers information and links to a variety of different downloads as a resource for us as clinicians and easily accessible resources for our patients. 

The Mental Health and Wellness Apps is a work in progress, evolving and expanding over time, so I invite you to visit the site often. If there are other apps you are using, please send me an email and I’ll review for addition to the site.

I want to thank you for your interest in Saundra's Corner. I’ve received many emails about the site and I look forward to continuing this dialogue. I hope you’ll continue to routinely use psychiatric scales and screeners in your practice. 

Let’s continue routinely using psychiatric scales and screeners in our practices and expand our use of mental health and wellness apps.



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