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Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test - Consumption (AUDIT-C)


How to Use

The AUDIT-C is a brief 3-question alcohol screen that can help identify persons who are hazardous drinkers or have active alcohol use disorders. 

The AUDIT-C is a modified version of the AUDIT. 


How to Score

Scored on a scale of 1-12; each question has 5 answer choices.

  • In men, a score of ≥ 4 is considered positive. 
  • In women, a score of ≥ 3 is considered positive.

NOTE: When points are all from Q1 (Q2 & 3 are zero): Assume that patient is drinking below recommended limits. Clinician should review the patient’s alcohol intake over the past few months to confirm accuracy. Generally, the higher the score the more likely it is that the patient’s drinking is affecting his or her safety.
AUDIT-C Overview: Frequently  Asked Questions guide to using the AUDIT-C::  

Sensitivity and Specificity

AUDIT-C sensitivity and specificity

1. Bush K, et al. The AUDIT Alcohol Consumption Questions (AUDIT-C): An effective brief screening test for problem drinking. Arch Internal Med 1998 (3):1789-1795. 

2. Bradley KA, et al. Two brief alcohol-screening tests from the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT): Validation in a female veterans affairs patient population. Arch Internal Med 2004(163): 821-829

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