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Mini-Social Phobia Inventory (Mini-SPIN)

How to Use

  • Screening tool for social anxiety disorder (SAD) developed by Dr. Jonathan Davidson of Duke University Medical Center 
  • Based on the longer 17-item social phobia inventory (SPIN) 
  • Self-rated scale
  • 3-items about avoidance and fear of embarrassment that you rate based on the past week
Click here for website for the Mini-Social Phobia Inventory (Mini-SPIN)


How to Score

The items are rated using a 5-point scale: 0 = not at all, 1 = a little bit, 2 = somewhat, 3 = very much, 4 = extremely.

Sum the item ratings. Scores of 6 or higher indicate possible problems with social anxiety. Scores this high generally followed up with a full diagnostic interview for SAD with a trained mental health professional.  

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