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Remission from Depression Questionnaire (RDQ)

Remission from Depression Questionnaire (RDQ)
To obtain a copy of RDQ, email 
Dr. Mark Zimmerman :


Sensitivity & Specificity

(Cutoff score of 27)
Sensitivity:  83.7%
Specificity:  77.9%

How to Use

The Remission From Depression Questionnaire (RDQ):
  • 41-items assessing 7 domains, including positive mental health, life satisfaction, and sense of well-being
  • Broader array of domains relevant to patients’ definition of remission
  • Not a symptoms-based measure
  • Reliable and valid measure


How to Score

Each of the 7 domains is scored separately. The clinician is encouraged to review responses with the patient asking what did they mean when they circled X for item Y. Dr. Zimmerman considers this scale as a “clinician extender”. The cutoff score for the RDQ is 27 for remission .   

Add all circled answers. For every answer circled:
  • Not at all or rarely true = 0
  • Sometimes true = 1
  • Often or almost always true = 2

Zimmerman M et al. Journal of Psychiatric Research: 47(2013), 78-82
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