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Center for Neurologic Study-Liability Scale (CNS-LS)



How to Use

The CNS-LS is a short 7-item, self-administered questionnaire, designed to be completed by the patient, that provides a quantitative measure of the perceived frequency of PBA episodes. The CNS-LS can help accurately diagnose PBA.

How to Score

Add the values for each of the 7 items to get the total score. A CNS-LS score of 13 or higher may suggest PBA. 

Sensitivity & Specificity

  • Sensitivity:  74%
  • Specificity:  80%

Moore SR, Gresham LS, Bromberg MB, Kasarkis EJ, Smith RA. A self report measure of affective lability. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry. 1997;63(1):89-93.
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