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Arizona Sexual Experiences Scale (ASEX)

How to Use

  • Self- or clinician-administered questionnaire 
  • User-friendly 5-item rating scale based on a 6-point Likert scale 
  • Short, easy to understand, and less intrusive questions 
  • Each item explores a particular aspect of sexuality:
    • 1. sex drive
    • 2. arousal
    • 3a. penile erection
    • 3b. vaginal lubrication
    • 4. ability to reach orgasm
    • 5. satisfaction from orgasm


How to Score

  • Easy to score and interpret 
  • Possible total scores range from 5 to 30 
  • Higher scores indicating more sexual dysfunction 

Average score for adults (patients and controls) with clinical sexual dysfunction is 21 in women and 20 in men.

Average score for adults (patients and controls) without clinical sexual dysfunction is 14 in women and 10 in men.

McGahuey CA et al. J Sex Marital Ther. 2000 Jan-Mar;26(1):25-40
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