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Adolescents and young adults who were born preterm have higher rates of psychotropic drug prescriptions than their peers who were born at full term, according to a study published online in JAMA Network Open.
More than a quarter of US adults with schizophrenia received a diagnosis of dementia before 66 years of age, according to a study published online ahead of print in JAMA Psychiatry. 
Dr. Carmen Schiweck
The high co-occurrence rates of bipolar disorder (BD) and attention/deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) indicate clinicians need to routinely carry out screenings for adults with either condition, according to a meta-analysis published online.
Mood changes and “brain fog” experienced during COVID-19 illness and recovery may stem in part from blood vessel damage and impaired oxygen delivery caused by the disease, suggests a review published in Physiological Reports.
The anticonvulsant ezogabine, also known as retigabine, may offer a new approach to the treatment of depression and anhedonia, suggests a trial published online ahead of print in The American Journal of Psychiatry.
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