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Changing Lives Through Experiential Therapy at the Herrington Recovery Center

January 21, 2014

"I'm a grateful addict and alcoholic." Phil, a recently admitted patient of The Herrington Recovery Center at the time, sat in disbelief as he heard these words on his first day of the residential treatment program.  However, over the course of the next few weeks he would come to recognize and adopt these words as his own.

Listen as Phil, now a Herrington Recovery Center Alumnus, describes how the residential treatment program and Experiential Therapy sessions offered at Herrington forced him to truly confront emotions and feelings that he had been suppressing for years.  Phil details how the featured activities during each therapy session presented a new facet or theme to his recovery that removed his emotional barriers and allowed him to heal.

Joining Phil is Deana Grall, Therapeutic Recreation Specialist at the Herrington Recovery Center, who outlines the holistic modalities and activities that make up Experiential Therapy. Grall explains how these activities ultimately remove powerful emotional barriers and defenses built up over years, which allows participants to get to the core of issues.

True recovery comes when you reach a deep emotional level during treatment.  Hear Phil's story, and the clinical methods that led him to sobriety.   Hear how Experiential Therapy at Herrington Recovery Center gave him the tools to deal with life on life's terms and propelled him to change his life.

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