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Exploring the WestBridge Approach to Integrated Treatment

July 25, 2016

Walter Miley and Mary Woods of WestBridge speak about what differentiates WestBridge's care plans as they tackle the challenge of integrated treatment.  By focusing and honing care plans to meet the nuances of a participant's illness, WestBridge works to treat the whole person in an integrated and individualized fashion.

The WestBridge duo goes into detail, outlining the foundational principles of the Integrated Treatment for Dual Disorders developed by the Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center.  As Miley simply states, "Individualized treatment works because not everyone is the same", which means the same treatment plan cannot and will not work for two unique individuals. They understand that because they treat participants with two disorders at once, one should not be left out between the two in the treatment process. WestBridge participants are ultimately educated on this approach, and are directly involved in establish their goals, on their terms, for their treatment and their recovery.

Click here to learn more about the integrated treatment techniques used at WestBridge.

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