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American Addiction Centers Shares Their EMR Journey, and the Updates Powering Clinical Improvements

July 07, 2016

Behavioral health providers are no stranger to complexity across facilities and state lines, but for American Addiction Centers (AAC) this was a particularly unique challenge.  As one of the largest addiction treatment providers in United States, American Addiction Centers was looking for an electronic medical record (EMR) that would allow flexibility and transparency of data across facilities and geography within their footprint.

Join Jessica Gagnon, EMR Project Manager with American Addiction Centers, as she shares AAC’s EMR journey.  Listen to Gagnon as she outlines the top benefits AAC noticed from their EMR implementation and partnership with Sigmund Software, including: 

  • increased data transparency
  • flexibility with customization per site and state standards
  • improved data accessibility  

But for AAC this is just the beginning, says Gagnon, who describes some of the new features and upgrades rolling out to their treatment centers.

Joining Jessica are two instrumental leaders in the AAC project, Cory Valentine and Matthew Prete of Sigmund Software-- who detail what made the Sigmund Software and AAC partnership successful, and the details behind their new AURA platform release.  Valentine and Prete share the vision and partnerships that have enabled AURA, a mobile-capable next generation behavioral health EMR, to differentiate itself from the competition.

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