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Overcoming the Issues of the Modern Behavioral Health EHR

November 30, 2015

The field of behavioral health is in a stage of evolution.  In an era now focused on presenting value in the face of an ever-increasing caseload, many organizations are adapting in an attempt to facilitate new, more complex care models such as integrated care.

The problem in the field is simple—the electronic health record (EHR) marketplace struggles to present adaptable technology.  Past EHR technology has primarily been built upon a hard-coded infrastructure for specific instances of care.  This infrastructure is not extensible—lacking the functionality necessary to adjust quickly to meet the demands of the latest contracts many providers are taking on.

Watch this latest video, featuring David Lischner, MD, CEO of Valant, as he defines the challenges associated with integrated care, the need to address the user experience to improve data quality, and top reasons behavioral health executives are choosing platforms built upon new technologies, like Valant, that bring the extensible, consumer mobile application experience to the EHR marketplace.

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