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Recovery in the Value-Based Care Era: Illustrating Value to Partners and Families

January 04, 2016

The new mandate in healthcare is simple—illustrate that the care you provide has a measurable positive impact for participants and patients.  As behavior health and addiction treatment organizations partner with accountable care organizations (ACOs) to become a preferred provider, it is crucial these providers be able to demonstrate value to their communities and families. 

The concept of recovery has long been difficult to quantify and evaluate.  Recovery is a life-long, continuous process and like any chronic illness addiction must be constantly managed over-time with appropriate care supports to ultimately produce positive outcomes.  Yet, how are these outcomes tracked?

Jonathan Routhier, Chief Financial Officer at WestBridge, sat down with Behavioral Healthcare to discuss WestBridge’s approach in this time of transition, and the data collected through the WestBridge Recovery Index program.  Listen as Routhier outlines the impact of healthcare reform on treatment programs, the need for family benefits education, and how collaboration is required for us all to answer the crucial question: How do we improve the health of a population, and do it at a lower cost?

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