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A Day in the Life of a Participant in Residential Treatment at WestBridge

July 25, 2016

Listen in and watch this video as Theo and Gordon, Care Managers at WestBridge, speak about the evidence-based practices WestBridge uses to make their participants successful in recovery. With residential treatment programs in Brooksville, Florida and Manchester, New Hampshire, WestBridge and their treatment modalities work to customize everything specialically to the participant, from intake and registration to assertive community treatment.

The structured days at WestBridge are clarified by Walter, a Director at WestBridge. He speaks to the daily schedule established for each participant, stating that they wake up at 7:00 AM, and by 8:00 AM are working in groups and setting goals for that day. More specific groups are strategically placed on the agenda throughout the day, and include Illness Management Recovery groups, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy groups, and Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment groups. There is a short lunch break thereafter, and residents are then participating in additional therapy groups. Gordon states that after the day is spent, participants have their dinners, and have some down time. This time is used to take a walk around the campus, or have a simple conversation with another, which helps in treatment as well.

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