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Serene Center: Transitional Sober Living that Helps People Help Themselves

December 02, 2013

The continuum of care for a patient suffering from Addiction is a crucial piece to reinforcing the behaviors associated with long-term recovery.  With most treatment center care plans lasting between 30 and 90 days, transitional sober living has now become a mainstay as a way to extend the continuum of care outside of a primary care environment to support recovering addicts as they incorporate recovery principles and behaviors into their lives. 

Click the video above, and listen to Andrew Martin, President and CEO of the Serene Recovery Network, as he explains how transitional sober living environments can help recovering addicts overcome  issues associated with early recovery, such as cognitive and emotional distortions.  Martin also explains how Serene Center's care principals focused around guidance, support, discipline, and balanced centered living provide a foundation for a recovery lifestyle and ultimately helps addicts help themselves.

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