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Two Behavioral Health Providers Transform Care Through EHR Functionality

August 11, 2015

With a new emphasis on data-driven outcomes and integrated care within behavioral health, organizations are evaluating just how much their electronic health record (EHR) partner is listening to them. 

With changes to a more mobile optimized clinical workflow, more state specific documentation requirements, and a new emphasis on outcomes, behavioral health organizations like Mind Springs Health and Lookout Mountain Community Services were looking for more than simple clinical tracking software.  They needed a system that would enable growth through improved billing functionality, a simplified user experience, and a system that would grow with them and their clients.

Listen in to this latest video as Krista McClinton, Director of Informatics at Mind Springs Health, and CEO of Lookout Mountain Community Services, Tom Ford, discuss their EHR journey, the challenges their organization faced prior to implementation, and the results from their CareLogic implementations—which dramatically impacted performance across their respective agencies.

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