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Why WestBridge Works: A Review of the Data-Driven and Family-Centric Care Plan

July 25, 2016

Explained in this video, WestBridge articulates on their developed evidence and a recovery index with numerous diverse measures taken into account for their participants. Several of these data partitions include number of hours worked towards recovery, the level of symptoms for each individual participant, tobacco cessation, and even relationships with their families.

WestBridge believes that there is no one single exact measure for recovery. They are able to take their participant’s advancements and show them how far they’ve come in every step they take. Along with WestBridge’s Integrated Dual Diagnosis, they also include involvement with Alcoholics Anonymous, Dual Recovery Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous to further improve the participant’s health. Employees are one of the most distinct pieces to WestBridge because they have the chance to see a son, torn by deficits from their illnesses, entirely healed to come back to their families.

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