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Becoming a CCBHC Part 2: What I Wish I Had Known From A Financial Perspective

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Join us for Part Two in our webinar series with current CCBHC providers sharing their hands-on experience and lessons learned from their CCBHC journey. For this session, we will speak specifically to how to predict your costs per service and visit volume once using the CCBHC treatment model.

CCBHC is the treatment model of the future for organizations with behavioral health and substance-abuse programs. Progressive, value-based and integrated, this care model commits to serve the most seriously ill individuals with open access to care and a "no one is turned away" policy.

With SAMHSA’s new $200 million CCBHC expansion grant, agencies who have considered becoming CCBHCs now are deciding whether to come off the sidelines -- which creates questions around how to prepare their people, their processes and their technology.

Who should attend: Finance and Accounting professionals who are charged with predicting what the costs of each CCBHC service will be and how many visits per month can the CCBHC expect to deliver.

We will share things to consider when applying to be a CCBHC, such as:

  • What to include when calculating costs per service in the CCBHC treatment model
  • What is included as a service in the CCBHC treatment model
  • Should you hire and where can you find expert help when predicting costs and visit volume
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