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Breaking the Cycle: Intergenerational Trauma and Personality

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This presentation will focus on providing an integrated understanding of the connections between:

  • Intergenerational trauma
  • The emergence of maladaptive coping mechanisms
  • Personality disordered traits and characteristics
  • Substance use disorders  

Alex Ribbentrop, LCSW, CFTP will draw from multidisciplinary perspectives and evidence-based methods, ranging from trauma-informed care, family systems theory, and current categorizations of personality disorders. The information presented is based on clinical practice and the application of family systems work, as well as trauma-informed care to treat the underlying factors precipitating active substance use disorders.

Ribbentrop will discuss how to synthesize clinical experience and evidenced-based practice to promote quality clinical practice when addressing the ripple effect of trauma on systems and individuals. He will also reinforce the importance of focused assessment and treatment of underlying factors in substance use disorder in order to maximize efficacy of clinical interventions and efforts.

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