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It Takes a Village to Raise a Website! (Just Maybe Not Your Village...)

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Whether raising a child, or chasing the Frankenstein monster out of town, it takes a village to succeed. Building a website is no different. As your company’s leader, you know your business and industry inside and out. As a seasoned professional you have likely developed an understanding of the best practices and skills required to build a website. As an operator of a B2C business you may have even perfected your marketing skills. But even the greatest leaders know that it takes a team of supporters to accomplish some projects. A truly successful website requires multiple professional disciplines, each planning from their own strategic perspective, and coming together to deliver one cohesive and seamless final product that delivers on the goals of top search ranking, consumer lead generation, and a functional and pleasing user experience that conveys the quality of the organization it represents. We invite you to join Dreamscape Marketing CEO Dan Gemp, the developer of over 600 successful behavioral health websites, as he walks you through the best practices, planning, skills, processes, and most importantly, key team members needed to leave the competition in your Google Dust!

Upon completion of this webinar, attendees will know how to:

  • Learn the multiple disciplines and team members required to successfully build and deploy an enterprise healthcare website
  • Assess whether internal contributors can effectively communicate to all site audiences, including Google.
  • Deploy best practices, technologies, and marketing tactics to help the site rank higher & its content to be deemed “relevant” to your services.
  • Evaluate if your current website is effectively communicating your value propositions to all intended audiences.
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