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Marijuana Part II: Cannabis Use Disorder and Treatment, Medical Use Update

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Part I of this webinar reviewed the data from states where cannabis was medical and/or recreationally legalized. Various new forms of cannabis (“dabs, vapes, edibles”), hybrids, and synthetic cannabinoids (“spice”) were reviewed, as well as the increased problems associated with their use— loss of IQ, seizures, syncope, hyperemesis, heart and other medical complications. Phyto-, endo- and synthetic cannabinoids were described in Part I and their effects on the brain and body were presented, especially concerning their impact on the developing adolescent brain. 

Part II will now detail Cannabis Use Disorder (CUD) and the root causes of this condition that is projected to occur in 8-10% of those who use marijuana. Current treatments of CUD will also be reviewed. The webinar will close with an overview of the potential benefits cannabis may have in the treatment of some medical disorders. Drug interactions and issues encountered with urine drug testing for marijuana will be touched upon, and fetal exposure may also be examined.

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