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Marketing During a Recession: Step 1 of a Client-Centered Marketing Plan

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What if there was a conversation you could have with your clients today that would:

  • Leave clients feeling clear, empowered, and excited about therapy
  • Improve your outcomes with current and future clients
  • Empower you to attract the right clients in the future
  • Improve your marketing and help you convert more clients who call
  • Helps to reduce your feelings of overwhelm and burnout and re-inspire you for the work

This is the power of a well-trained outcome conversation. You won't need to print out scales or do any math! We teach you a process for outcomes that works in the real world of private practice that clients love! We show you how, when, and why and even give you a downloadable script that you can use with your very next client! This will not just improve your outcomes, but this can also help you improve your income! Win-win!

Upon completion of this webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Define 5 things outcomes inform you of in therapy
  • Identify 5 key questions to ask in an outcomes conversation
  • Explain 3 ways outcomes conversations can impact your marketing
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