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Mental Health Marketing: Will the Real Addiction Expert Please Stand Up? Owning the Marketing Narrative in the Addiction Treatment Space

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If we surveyed the general public on who the authorities are in healthcare, we’d most likely hear the same answers over and over: the Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, and the Cleveland Clinic to name a few. These are most people’s go-to answers because these institutions have developed an undisputed reputation of trust through the outcomes of their work. 

Currently, there is no such undisputed national voice in addiction treatment. In 2020, our segmented and decentralized sector of the healthcare world exists in a vacuum with no preeminent thought-leader, governing body, or single results leader. All the more shocking when you consider the death toll and impact on tens of millions American families.

Just like those famous institutions, ensuring your organization's growth is deeply rooted in establishing trust. Your business success is inexorably tied to your clinical success. Consequently, secure futures will be cemented by those who stake their claims today and begin creating greater patient trust in their facilities. In the addiction treatment market, there’s a significant public need for more education, information, and leadership from non-stigmatized providers. It’s still early enough to control the national narrative at scale and to the benefit of your organization and patients. 

Join Dan Gemp, nationally recognized addiction treatment marketing expert (see what we did there?) as he leads you through the marketing mix required to stake your claim and build your organization into a widely recognized clinical authority. 

Upon completion of this webinar, attendees will know be able to:

  • Understand the importance of establishing a thought leadership role
  • Recognize the key data sources needed for content creation 
  • Utilize your team’s strengths for strategic support
  • Deploy a strategic campaign that controls the addiction treatment narrative regionally and nationally
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