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New Strategies for Using Patient-Centered Technology to Improve Pain Management and Opioid Treatment

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Learn about a new Opioid Action Plan that outlines a groundbreaking approach for fighting the opioid crisis through Patient-Centered Clinical Decision Support (PCCDS). This plan defines ways to apply computerized clinical decision support tools to address pain management and opioid use disorder treatment. Having the right information at the right time allows providers and patients to better personalize pain management and fully engage patients in their care to ultimately prevent opioid misuse and abuse. 

In this webinar, the lead developers of the Opioid Action Plan will walk through the high-value clinical decision support interventions and tools that can be used to fight the opioid crisis and show those tools in action through five future vision scenarios. The webinar will also encourage participants to brainstorm ways to enhance their own efforts around pain management and opioid use and will outline additional steps and recommended actions to help you make that vision a reality.  

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