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From Public Health to Addiction Treatment: Integrative Harm Reduction Psychotherapy (IHRP) for the Full Spectrum of Addictive and Risky Behavior

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More than one-third of Americans struggle with problematic substance use and other risky or addictive behavior. Most are ambivalent about changing these behaviors and most do not want to stop them. This workshop will introduce a psychobiosocial process model for understanding these complex behaviors and integrative harm reduction approach (IHRP) to engaging and supporting positive change in people in all stages of change and toward all positive-change goals. This work can be adapted to all who are in helping roles with others. You will learn skills and strategies that you can begin using immediately in your work.

Upon completion of this webinar, attendees will be know: 

  • How addictive behavior reflects the interplay of biology, meaning, habit, and social context
  • Why the harm reduction stance of “meeting people where they are” is often essential to effective helping
  • Seven therapeutic tasks combining relational, CBT and mindfulness interventions to help people change addictive behaviors
  • Strategies include: Empathic Listening and Reflection, Urge Surfing, Unwrapping the Urge, Microanalysis, Embracing Ambivalence, Decisional Balance, and the Ideal-Use Plan
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