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Your Mom Called... And So Did the Moms of 70% of Your Patients... Let's Try Marketing to Them!

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Every time your phone rings, chances are going to be high that it is the mother or spouse of an addict on the other end of the line. How high? An outstanding 85% of women account for all healthcare purchases. Given this overwhelming purchasing power of women, a major marketing blunder would be to ignore their pivotal role in deciding healthcare choices for family members. In the distant past, most marketing was directed (consciously or subconsciously) toward men because they were usually "breadwinner" of the family. That dynamic has clearly changed. Addiction treatment facilities that fail to recognize the power of the woman buyer/decision maker are losing out on the majority of admissions. Some companies mistakenly market to women by following the “make it pink” concept. Treatment centers often overly-feminize marketing and imagery, rather than focus on the decision-making criteria of their female consumers, who may be making the decision for someone else. Don’t continue to offer women poorly conceived products or services, accompanied by out-of-date marketing messaging that promotes female stereotypes. So when Mom calls, gain her trust with on-point messaging as your biggest opportunity for 2019.

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