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Create Real Value Through Your Marketing

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Marketing That Generates Real Value: Key 2020–21 Metrics for Behavioral Health Executives and Investors is essential reading, especially in a world changed by a pandemic.

In this latest installment in Dreamscape Marketing’s Digital Marketing white paper series, CEO Dan Gemp examines the new addiction treatment space. In the wake of quarantines, unemployment, social distancing, political unrest, and new demographics of patients, demand for addiction treatment only continues to rise. In fact, pent-up demand essentially guarantees a steady stream of new patients.

Whether you’re an owner looking to best position your business for sale, or an investor ready to identify your next project and scale its market presence, Dan covers the top issues in terms of marketability from the buyer’s and seller’s point of view, the technology you can leverage to market effectively online, who to watch out for on the competitive landscape, and what the future holds for your marketing efforts in the addiction treatment space.

For those interested in a deeper dive on developing your 2021 marketing plan, Dreamscape Marketing offers complimentary digital marketing strategy reviews.   

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