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Is Digital Marketing The Great Equalizer for Smaller Addiction Treatment Centers?

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It’s a common story for smaller addiction treatment centers; they watch large competitors with far higher marketing budgets outspend them on radio, TV or print ads. As they watch themselves outmatched by big facilities’ spending dollars, it’s easy to be discouraged. Fortunately, the digital age has provided smaller drug rehab centers with an incredibly powerful weapon: digital marketing.

The real strength of larger drug rehabs with deep pockets used to be the ability to buy a lot of expensive traditional marketing media. By outspending smaller competitors and capturing more media exposure, they could easily maintain their dominance in the space.

Then, a funny thing happened; digital marketing came along, and the rules changed completely. Some small drug rehab facilities know this and exploit it for all its worth. Other rehab centers have been slower to understand the remarkable fact that the playing field has been leveled in their favor.

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